Preparing Children for Healthy Relationships

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Thursday, May 10, 2012, Family Voice Talk Radio with BJ Topic:


Preparing Children for Healthy Relationships

♥ Geniel R. Childs has a passion for teaching! She is an Adjunct instructor at UVU teaching Marriage & Family Relationship Skills. She also works with the USU Extension services developing curriculum, planning programs, and teaching classes and workshops in creating and strengthening all aspects of healthy parenting and family relationships.

Geniel and her husband of 35 years, Larry, raised 5 wonderful children. When her children were grown, Geniel decided to return to school and complete her Bachelor’s Degree; With that completed, she again felt inspired that there was more for her to do, so she completed her Master’s Degree in Marriage, Family and Human Development at BYU.

♥ Geniel has just completed chairing a weekend couples retreat for the extension office so she will have some great helps on building interpersonal relationship skills to share with us on Thursday.

♥ She will also discuss with us the importance of helping children develop healthy relationships and share some valuable skills and ideas for teaching our children the “How To’s” of building relationships. She has a special segment devoted to ADOLESCENTS!


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